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Baywatch Full Movie

Country: United States
Year: 2017
Category: Action, Comedy, Drama
Release Date: 19 May, 2017
Director: Seth Gordon
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario
Age Restriction: 18 years
Duration: 98 minutes
Budget: $180,000,000

Baywatch is a 2017 American action-comedy drama film directed by Seth Gordon and written by Michael Berk, with a story by Douglas Schwartz

The film Baywatch: The beach watchers of Seth Gordon (How to end your boss, By the face) does not open until June 16 in Spain but we can already advance what you think about it part of the international critique. Overall, the reviews are pretty negative, although some of them also underscore how much fun and entertaining it is. He remembers that the comedy is inspired by the famous series of rescuers of the 90 and that, among others, counts on Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

“Tits, asses and pectorals, did you expect Shakespeare?”, Can be read in The Hollywood Reporter. “A crazy crap and stupidly entertaining,” says Variety in turn. “If you look past the jokes about penises, Baywatch is actually quite amusing,” says Indiewire. “Without brains, vulgar and a little rough, Baywatch works for its effort and charm,” says Radio Times.

Lifeguards at California’s Santa Monica Beach are led by Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson), a former school professional who will have to work with the rebel Matt Brody (Zac Efron), a former Olympic swimmer who fell in disgrace to those he likes Skipping the rules. Together, with the help of Summer Quinn, CJ Parker (Kelly Rohrbach), Stephanie Holden (Ilfenesh Hadera) and Ronnie Greenbaum (Jon Bass), they will try to stop a threat that looms over the future of the Bay and Is allegedly responsible for the evil Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra). If you want to know more, you have your official trailer above.

‘Baywatch: The Watchers of the Beach’ will premiere in Spain next June 16 and have already reached our ears the first criticism.

The remake of the iconic 90’s series, directed by Seth Gordon, will also take place on the famous Santa Monica beach, where Mitch Buchannon, played by Dwayne Johnson, and Matt Brody, played by Zac Efron, will discover a series of local crimes That threaten the life of the bay and along with the rest of the watchmen will try to fight against it.

If you want to know what are the first opinions about the movie this is your site, the American and English press has already spoken and we are here to tell you. In general, his first impressions are quite negative, and all coincide in something: it does not seem the right moment for the production of this remake because it does not fit completely with what the public demands in 2017, perhaps it would have made more sense at the time Golden series. The Hollywood Reporter says, “Ass, boobs and pectorals – what did you expect, Shakespeare?” And it’s good to see feature films based on previous series, if you buy your movie ticket to see them and you know what you expose.

In addition, the criticism agrees that the genre to which the film belongs can not be easily identified and that they do not quite understand what their creators wanted to achieve, beyond the money of the proceeds. The cast fits in perfectly with the roles they are to play and as Screen Daily says, “The film claims to be far more sophisticated than the series on which it is based, but its comic style is alarmingly regressive.”

And finally, many agree that it is too much like the series on which it is based, as for example from the Times: “It is eerily similar to the television series in both its content and its execution … No, what The filmmakers have captured and emulated is the brand of the television series itself combined with a striking sordidness and a formal naivete.

Not everyone is so pessimistic. IndieWire approves it and they say “shout summer blockbuster,” which is what the ‘Baywatch’ viewer will probably be looking for.

Meanwhile, we will have to wait for its premiere to analyze it for ourselves, but the critic has already warned us, although it may be that for lovers of the old series this is good news.

Not many directors dare to direct remakes of films or hit series, because inevitably expose you to the comparison with the original, which as a rule is usually always the best option. But there are still others in the same profession who can not help but embark on this agonizing adventure.

Gus Van Sant dared nothing more and nothing less with a classic film and directed ‘Psycho (Psycho)’, a film that there is no where to take it and that is not close to anything to the original.

Michael Haneke had the brilliant idea of ​​directing the remake of ‘Funny Games’ (2007), this being the second time that he faced the same script but to produce the American version, which is so artificial that totally spare in the film career from the director.

And Tim Burton pushed the ‘Planet of the Apes’ saga to failure with his film direction under the same title. With very little influence of its works, insipid and very little creative, its later directors have ten

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